Insurance Coverage:
All our vehicles owned by ‘AAA Rent Car in JLT – DUBAI’ are duly insured within the UAE. All insurance clauses are subject to laws of the UAE and are restricted to the limitations of the country. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle during the rented period, a minimum amount of AED 1000 for the damage done will have to be paid by the customer.

During driving or when the vehicle is parked, in case of any accident, the police must be called before moving the vehicle further, and a report along with repair slip must be obtained. If the customer does not obtain these papers from police, then he/she will be liable to pay the entire cost of repairs to ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI’, as the insurance company does not accepts claims with police report and repair slip.

Also, if the vehicle meets with an accident while driving off-road, then the total damage cost will be meet by the customer, as the Insurance will not be applicable on off-road driving conditions. This will be applicable only if the terms and conditions have been complied with.

Any damage done due to accident occurred due to the driver driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs he will be liable to pay the entire cost of damage.

Age and Licensing Requirement:
As per the insurance clause, to drive a car the minimum age is 25 years. UAE residents require a valid UAE driving license which should be at least one year old. For non-residents, International driving license is mandatory, supported with the driving license from the country of origin, which should be at least one year old.

The distance travelled allowed is 350 KMs per day on Daily Rentals, 1750 KMs on Weekly Rentals and 4000 KMs on Monthly Rentals. Travelling in excess to the stipulated distance will be charged extra.

Fuel Costs:
After renting a vehicle, the customer is fully responsible for all fuel related costs on the rented vehicle and replacement vehicles, if any. 

Delivery & Collection:
Delivery and Collection charges of AED 75/- will have to be paid by the customer within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah City. For other emirates, the charges are: Ajman AED 100, Umm Al Quwain AED 150, Ras Al Khaimah AED 200 and Fujairah AED 150.

Regular maintenance and service cost is the responsibility of ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI’. However, during the rented period, notifying that the service is due is the responsibility of the customer. Also keeping the rented vehicle or replacement vehicle regularly cleaned is the customer’s responsibility.

The replacement of tires comes under normal wear and tear. However, repair of puncture and leaking valves due to negligence or misuse such as impact damage (e.g. hit on pavements, off-road driving, water damage etc.) is the responsibility of the customer and the cost will be charged accordingly. ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI’ will refer any dispute to the supplying dealer for evaluation & their decision will be final and binding to both parties.

Traffic Fines:
Penalties for Traffic/Municipality violations will be borne by the 2nd Party. Please note that a service charge of AED 45 for payment of each Traffic/ Municipality violations will be levied. The Traffic department in Dubai has also introduced a Knowledge Dirham charge of AED 10 per violation, which ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI‘ will charge to the customer for violations committed in Dubai. ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI’ will provide a copy of the violation from the Traffic Department upon request.

Vehicle Usage:
The customer must submit an undertaking that the Leased vehicle will not be used for:

  • Any other purpose except for which the vehicle has been leased.
  • Racing or any other kind of competitive sport.
  • Carrying passengers, goods or animals for hire.
  • The transportation of any hazardous, explosive or inflammable material or any goods or items that is likely to damage the Vehicle-interior, exterior, mechanical or by any means.
  • The transportation of illegal substances.

Cost Escalation Clause:
Kindly note that in the event of any additional charges being imposed by the RTA or UAE Government, with respect to vehicle running costs, then the extra costs will be notified to the customer, which he/she will have to pay. Examples include, the Introduction of Road Tax, increase in Salik toll charges, or a significant or astronomical increase in Vehicle registration. Barring the above, the monthly rental rate will remain fixed.

Payment Terms:
The payment has be to be made in advance, or for vehicle rented on monthly basis the payment to be made on start of the month. If the payment remains unpaid, then ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI’ reserves the right to either refuse to give a replacement vehicle against the vehicle serviced or repaired, in which case any costs incurred for damage to the rented vehicle will be accounted to the hirer and/ or repossess the Lease vehicle/s without prior notice.

Premature Termination:
In the event that the customer terminates the Lease, prior to the completion of the Lease period mentioned in the lease contract, then the customer acknowledges the liability to pay to ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI’ the penalty amount as stipulated. The customer will also be liable to pay the penalty amount as per this clause, if ‘AAA Rent A Car JLT-DUBAI’ chooses to repossess the vehicles leased, on account of Non-payment or late payment by the customer.

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